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'98 Four wheel drive ranger question


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\'98 Four wheel drive ranger question

As I am coming to find out the '98 four wheel drive ranger may not have been one of my wiser purchases as I am VERY limited in the suspension mod. department. Here is my question. I have added some 8" fox 2.0 shocks to the front end along with bilsteins 4" air bumps, and am wondering at what level I should set the torsion bars to acheive the best ride in the bumpy stuff? The torsions are stock (SAW hasn't gotten their butt's in gear to produce an aftermarket torsion bar for me yet). Should I back out the screws so that I am sitting on my travel giving me more droop and limiting ground clearence which might become an issue if I'm prerunning a spot that has a high crown in the middle of the trail? Or should I run it somewhere in between? Or should I top out the torsions so that my uptravel is at it's maximum (where my ground clearence will be at it's greatest)? I run 33X12.50 tires. Your help would be greatly apreciated! ! !


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Re: \'98 Four wheel drive ranger question

probably want to be in the middle. from my torsion bar experience, no droop=sucky ride in general, but you won't bottom out-you,ve got the air bumps for that. all droop=something's gotta rub somewhere, and too low. in the middle=air bumps doin' their job, and suspension's got some droop, so you get a lot less bounce in the seat of your pants.
that's just my thoughts, but i don't race, fab, or claim to. just from some experiences of my own with my toy.