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A-arms on newer 2WD Explorer?


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Has anyone seen longer a-arms on the newer Ford Explorers?
Ive heard alot of talk that no one wants to off road these so no one will make a a-arm kit for it.? WTF

Its a torsion bar setup w/o coils so its similar to a older Toyota 2WD.
What Im wondering is will longer uper and lower a-arms get me more travel? will the torsion bars need to be modified?
Will the 98+ Ranger upper a-arms fit, and will they do anything to help off road.

All that I know of now available is the Bullseye 3" lift spindles(sold under ProComp name)

inquiring minds want to know.


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I think thats Jasons Explorer and its a 1991-94. They have I-Beams.

If its this one?
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.camburg.com/extremeexplorer.htm>http://www.camburg.com/extremeexplorer.htm</A>

If its not, I would have thought Jerry would have told me about it when I talked to him??