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On Topic A chenowth V2RL1W vs. 2LW

So a old chenowth 2 seater buggy.serial number 1130 model V2RL1W it's an 74 car built I think maybe ? . The frame is in excellent condition . Swingaxle frame can be made to i.r.s. Easily .motor is 1915 dual port single zenith carb . Has some trans work done.


My ? Is .Is the model V2RL1W consider a race chassis V.S a 2LW chassis. Does anyone no more info on the chassis different beside the mildsteel vs chrome moly. The frame looks a lot like the picture from trackside photo from 73 mint 400 car number 9 fillename J Kendall. An the serial number is 1130 on the car I have . Thank you for help everyone on this site



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In 1974, just about any 'sand rail' chassis would have been considered a race chassis. Go with it and enjoy it.

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^^^ Yep. Check out Ivan Stuart's ride from the Baja 500 that year.