A couple IP notes from Jen


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Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi while we were in Vegas! I just want to say that the Vegas prerunner crowd we met was very, very cool and we look forward to having a meeting out there soon. It was also very nice to meet Mike from Off-Road.Com and see Lucas from SNORE. Terrie and John Tavis were there with Terrie's car and it's new graphics. We finally got to meet Scotty Von Party,a regular on our prerunners.com board...you gotta come hang out with us in our stomping grounds Scotty! We saw a whole bunch of Inland Prerunners members there and it really made me feel good to know we have so many friends around even when we're out-of-state!!! Heck, I even saw someone I used to work with from my hometown (Yucca Valley). They guys from Redscent clothing were very cool and we look forward to talking to them about some artwork for new T-shirts. Gosh who else did we meet? There were so many people! It was pretty cool to discover one half of the Cook Brothers was in the booth across from us at the Avalanche Engineering booth. The guys from Suspension Innovations were very cool. There are so many rad people in the offroad industry. Every time we do something like this or go somewhere where offroaders are I am just constantly reminded of how friendly and genuinely cool everyone is. Here's an funny little anecdote: It was the first time we had taken Greg's truck anywhere but to and from work pretty much since he did the 4-link and by the time we got to Vegas a bad heim that was rattling was driving him nuts. So Friday we went to some of the local shops looking for a couple replacements. We found ourselves at the Buggy Shop and as Greg is talking to one of the guys about what he needed who should stroll by? Rob MacCachren! He went behind the counter and a couple minutes passed before I kind of made my way over there and said "Aren't you Rob?" Of course, he said "Yeah," and I just said "Oh." I was so frickin star-struck I couldn't even introduce myself! Iy iy iy I felt like an idiot but he made it all better by asking if we were there for the show and then I was able to actually speak. I've had the opportunity to meet some of the "big names" of racing in the past year and some of them I'm pretty friendly with now, but I still manage to get all goofy sometimes. Speaking of "big names"...I am super thrilled to mention one of our newest members is Curt LeDuc! How rad is that??? He's always so incredibly nice everytime we see him. I'm still all excited about having his name on our member roster. Every time I think about it I can't help but grin. One more note...we'll be at the Kar Tek 400 contingency this Friday night. We'll be at Greg's truck about 7ish if anyone wants to follow us over to my mom's, about 20 minutes away. She's got a pool, pool table, air hockey and a big ol' t.v. (offroad videos anyone?). Anyone's welcome to crash on the porch or in the game room! We'll be heading out early Saturday monring. Greg will be riding with IP member Dale Hines in his 5-car so we'll be rooting hard for Dale and the other members/friends racing this weekend...Caroline Hines, Dan Vance, and Terrie Tavis! Good luck guys!!!

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