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A Letter From Amy, Riverside Ca. Student.


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I would like to thank Amy Ellison for this letter. She is a student at the Riverside Ca. school and has proved to me and my staff that anyone can take this class and learn if they try. Our school had to make some necessary changes and she stayed with the program and has become a excellent fabricator and family member of our school. Thanks again Amy.

hey guys,
i just wanted to say that wizard was one of the best things ive ever done in my life! when the class first started i was a bit apprehensive about wether or not it was a good decision, and as i watched my team slowly fall apart, it got harder and harder for me to keep my head up and continue. but i have to say, these past few months have been worth every penny of my tuition and more! danny porter is the man, and all the help ive gotten from chris, kevin, and brian has benefited me not only in the fabrication part, but in an all-around aspect. i have the confidence to do whatever i want once my class is over. even though i am still very green when it comes to fabrication, i look forward to keeping it up and learning more about the industry as i go along. when i got home tonight i thought about the spindle that i put together and welded all by myself (kinda) and was so proud of myself for the quality work that i did. and to think i almost quit..you are all great and i am so appreciative of all of you. so thanx for everything, you boys do an awesome job...now move over and let the lady in!!!
see you in the news..
amy ellison


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Heres a pic of Amy in front of her class project "Sandobsession Car" This car is all 4130 1 5/8's with 1 1/4, its a two seat rear engine.