A new place to race


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SADR.LLC would like to thank everyone for their efferts in replying to our "interset to participate" page. Rest assured we will not share your personal information with anyone, the sole purpose of the information gathered was to demonstrate the need for public land access. We are aggressively applying for "special land use permits" available through the Arizona State Trust Land Department, we currently are not soliciting the BLM. 90% of all revenue generated by the Arizona State Trust Land goes to public education with 80% directed at K-12 grades. Hopefully this angle provides a advantage because one things for sure our State Legislation and State Education Department is not in any position to lose additional revenue sources. Due to the current economic conditions SADR.LLC is confident in adaquent participation levels to sustain and grow a respectable off road desert race series, in all actuallity we are concerned about the explosive car counts involved with current series in place. The State Trust Land Department provides the permits for the Parker events and they have informed us that they may actually limit our total car count. The series is all about T&B & UTV's, it is not our intentions to displace any current or future promotor and or organization. This is all about first class quality desert races for serious desert racers, it is not about anything else.

Tim Rodda
SADR.LLC president


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I love it and look forward to more information about future plans. I will really appreciate a race series in our state.