A number of surprises in the SuperLite class in Elsinore


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This past weekend saw a number of big things from the new Bully Dog SuperLite Championship at rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series. And while all were a little shocking, most could have been predicted by anyone that follows off road racing.

A large and shocking disappointment this weekend was the fact that Ricky James, a new racer to the series who will be racing with hand controls due to the loss of movement in his legs would not end up racing his new SuperLite. The new truck had just been completed and there were a couple of unforeseen tuning issues with the hand controls on the truck. The team, which is sponsored by So Cal Super Truck, plans on testing the new truck over the next few weeks in time to have Ricky ready to go for the next race in Lake Elsinore.

Now on with the show….. The Saturday race played out to be pretty exciting as a pretty intense battle for first through fourth took place. Up front, Chad Leising driving the Hart & Huntington truck fought each and every lap to keep John Harrah of the Speed Technologies team behind him. John may have been slowed a bit due to his hood coming loose and obstructing his view for the entire second half of the race. Right on Harrah’s tail was Brandon Bailey of the Stronghold team. All three of the drivers pushed as hard as possible, but in the end neither John nor Brandon could run down Chad who backed up his win in round 4 with a win here at his home track.

Sunday was even more exciting. Professional skater and satellite radio star Jason Ellis was in the race and in qualifying he showed that he had the skills to run with the field. But once the race started the lack of practice and a case of nerves quickly put Jason at the back of the pack when the green flag dropped. The same three drivers from Saturday were right back up front; however it would not be for long. Chad Leising got into the back of the Stronghold truck as a result he was sent to the back of the pack. Also fighting from the back of the pack was Joey Granatelli. As the race went on both of the drivers were making big moves to get up to the front. In the end, John Harrah took the victory and also maintained his points lead in the championship. However, right behind him, making his first step onto the podium was the youngster, Joey Granatelli who was followed by Chad Leising.

For more information on the Bully Dog SuperLite series visit www.superlitechampionship.com