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A question for All Off-Road Enthusiasts


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What do you all love about Off-Roading?

What don't you love about it?

Please answer the questions, it'll help me understand more about this sport.

Thanks for your time.
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First of all, off road racing has to be one of the hardest motorsports in the world. People were making such a big deal about how grueling the Coca Cola 600 was this year, well what about the people who solo the Baja 1000, not to mention the Baja 500, Vegas to Reno ect. Off road drivers are some of the best drivers in the world, and people used to know all of their names by heart. At one point off road was as big as Nascar is, but now has almost gone underground it seems like. Off road racing is as alive as it ever was, just not many people outside of the off road community know it. TV coverage like ESPN is vital to the sport, and it will take prime time coverage like that to see the sport grow again and get the huge sponsors that were once there. These sponsors are so vital, because right now off road has turned into somewhat of a rich mans sport, and not just the average joe can afford a race machine, but with the larger sponsors, in comes the money, and in comes more people able to afford racing. I remember when off road racers had contracts like Nascar boys, and you could make a living off of off road, but not anymore. I guess that is what I would like to change. I guess as for why I love it, my father has raced for 26 years, and I am only 20, so my entire life I have been around the sport. I have seen people come and go, and things change so drastically it is unbelievable. Off road racing makes some of the best drivers for any motorsport. Off road has launched the careers of many drivers into careers on the asphalt. Robby Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Brendan Gaughn, Cory witherill, and even Walker Evans drove for a year in the Craftsmen truck series. If you look at the drivers who race off road now, many of their fathers raced, and this lead to them racing. It just gets in your blood. Most of them grew up around the races like I did, and only could dream of one day racing. I dont know if what I have said has answered your question, but off road has been a way of life for me since the day I was born, and will be probably until the day I die.


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Geo630? Is this some Eco Nut who posted on this board? Wouldn't surprise me. Kind of an odd question, dont you think? I may be jaded of course since I have seen the Eco nuts in action.


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Thanks for your reply! Your passion for off-roading speaks for itself from your email. I also have other questions, if you don't mind answering.

1. When you're on the road(racing) what do you like about it?
2. and what don't you like about it?

The reason I'm asking these questions is that I'm researching for information on why people love off-road racing. And if you don't mind, can I quote you from your e-mail?

As for Dezertchick, I'm no Eco nut... just doing some researching.


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Ok fine, but your wording screams Eco Nut, thats all. As I said, Im jaded after all they have been known to ask the same questions you are.


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Off-roading (racing and prerunning) is a pure adrenaline rush for me, either watching or actually hammering something I invest all my money into, it's just awesome. I used to be a street racer(from Hondas to a Chevelle), and got into prerunners after going to a LaRana race in the desert. Street racing was a differrent rush, but also dangerous on streets. Bbeing out in the desert where it's wide open seemed a lot safer and was easier than finding a legal 1/4mi. track. Also CHICKS DIG LIFTED TRUCKS!!! It's not something easliy explained, you have to love motorsports and then actually go out and expierence it first hand.
Some cons: I'd say it gets pretty expensive. It seems like the project can never be finished, something always needs tweaking and modifying. If you have a girlfriend or wife, expect to fight over spending too much money and about late nights in the garage or shop.
By far the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Just my 2cents and I was bored at work.

Going big and Filming it all..


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What do you all love about Off-Roading?:
I love the dust, the noise, and the smell of race fuel as it burns as spews out of a well tuned race engine, a smell that all race junkies like me thrive on. I love even love the smell of the gas in BIG ASS dump can as I dump it into the inlet of a fuel cell. I love the sound of the idle of a BIG ASS v8 engine as it thirsts for the fuel that I pour into it as it gets ready to jet out of the pit to go on another lap. those smells and sounds always give me a rush like no other. I love watching a high-dollar techno monster mega-hoursepower off road race car/truck launch off of a jump or scream past me on a wide open straightaway. I love being 5 point strapped into a nice fast race vehicle and feel the wind blow thru my suit as we pound across unforgivable terrain at breakneck speed. The thing I love most of all, I love the comeraderie and family feeling of being with all my friends in the open desert at a race and the gatherings before and after a race. When your bitten by the off-road racing bug you know it, and you can never shake it, ever. and thats an addiction you can never get rid of and thats undeniable.

What don't you love about it?:
the regulations, the restrictions, the rules that the local and federal government impose on our sport. the limited access, compliance and bull that these so called officials make us adhere to at our sporting events. most are unreasonable, some are unfortunately understandable, not that I like it though. What I don't love about it the most is that it all happens too quickly and dosen't always last as long as I would like.

I'm back out.



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What I love about off-road racing:
The "rush" when your pushing hard through the desert and the spectators are cheering you on.
The other racers and fans, they are the best. Friendly and always willing to help.
Chasing someone down in the dust and then making a pass.
Working on the race truck and learning more everytime.
The smell of race gas in the morning.
Watching the Trophy Trucks run, awesome!

What I don't like:
The restrictions put on the racers & spectators by the various governing bodies.
Spending too much money.


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Geo630, who are you and what does your screen name mean? By "who are you" I mean what is your connection to off road racing? Spectator like myself, racer, fabricator etc. Just curious.

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To beat my fellow man. FOR I AM MAXIMUS!!! No ahhhhhhh becuse there is no drug made by man that can compare to the tango of big truck and open PUBLIC DESERT!! oh and bugies guys like to do the CHA CHA!!



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There is nothing like watching Robby hit a jump flat out and flying 100 ft bouncing near perpendicular to the ground taking out a spectators ice chest and never letting off the gas. or watching larry ragland take a woop section at 80 like the bumps are not even there, John herder comming around that corner in laughlin looking like a crazy man possed. or hearing the roar of the truggy two minutes before you ever see it, and we cant forget to mention the Herbst tt flying the road crossing in Laughlin. DAMN.!!!!!!!!where else a spectator do you get to flip a car over that rolled in front of you and help them get back in the race. to me it seems there is so much more to off road racing than any other form of racing. not always does the fastest guy win. you never know what might happen out there one car can hit a bump and nothing, the next could hit it a little differnt and end up on his top. i grew up in Parker and my birthday was the same time SCORE came to town, who needed a birthday party when there was a race to watch. All you have to do to know what it is all about is go and watch.

as far as stuff i dont like. i hate the fact that there is so much seperation theses days. back in the day there would be 400 cars in one race. all the best drivers were there, helicopters all over the sky. now even score gets maybee 200 to a race. i would love to see the "off road community" get together and put off road racing on the map like it should be.


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I love off road racing because I am almost too old to chase women..........

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Thats easy.......Off-Roaders are the greatest people to race,camp and take care of their own.


Wait a minute, I thought racers did it for the money!!! LOL

Racing (any form) is one of those things that people are usually brought up with. Many of the racers today have had relatives who started racing back in the day with James Garner and Mickey Thompson. Having been brought up in a racing type family, I appreciate the friends, competitors, and new-comers to the sport of off-road racing.

How about the times when you are chasing or racing and you get lost in Mex in the middle of the night and have to travel backwards on the course for a few miles to figure out where the course or chase road is...Happen to anyone? I know it is an improper action based on rules but when there are no other routes, what do you do? There is a certain feeling you get when its freezing cold, dusty and dark. Hearing the sound of a race vehicle with its grande lights shaking back and forth / up and down completely hauling butt is like no other! Especially when it is a Trophy Truck.

Hell, it costs way too much, people get hurt, and not everyone enjoys it but for the people and famlies who do it is a way of life that we will never give up. It is that important to us. My $.02




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Desert racing people are the best in the world. At the Baja 500 my small chase crew pitted our Baja 500 WINNING Protruck 4 times. At each and every pit we needed some type of assistance. We had only 3 guys. Each time all I had to do was ask or even just look around like I needed help, and the help was there! Fans, competitors etc they were all willing to do anything to help. These people did everything from handing the driver/co-driver fluids and snacks to help changing tires.

Viva La Desert Racing

PS: If the dude asking the question would fill out his profile, people would take him more seriously.

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What do I love about off-roading?
The freedom of being in the vast open spaces is the biggest draw for me as well as the camaraderie. There is nothing like watching the sun come up in the morning out in the Mojave desert with your family and a group of your friends. Being born and raised out in the Mojave, the desert is in my blood and will always be there. There is a beauty out there that most people will never understand or learn to love. The desert off-roading community understands and loves the wide open spaces that the desert has to offer.

Off-roading allows people access that would not be available on foot. Try hiking through the desert during the summer in 100+ degree temps. You’ll end up a statistic in the local paper. Off-roading also allows motorheads like me the place where I can use my knowledge and skills to design and build a vehicle that can withstand the rigors of the desert. If it breaks down you my end up as a statistic in the local paper.

Desert off-road racing blends the aforementioned with our love of speed and competition, the same as competitive skiing does for people who love water. Off-road racers are competitive tough individuals that love what the desert has to offer and accepts the challenge. We are also a large group of voters that loves our freedom.

What do I dislike about off-roading?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing, but I do dislike other groups that have no interest what so ever in the desert, trying to take away my rights to enjoy the great Mojave. They also want to lock us out of the mountains, forests, beaches, etc. As off-roaders, we will never give up or freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.

I'll get off my soapbox now.


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My feeling exactly. I have a great post to share. However, I don't feel comfortable with someone that does not tell us about themself. As for racing... Well you know and I know that it is a special thing that can only be experienced. I can say that, like most things in life it is the people and the relationships that make it so sweet...



Good point Junior!

Props need to be given to all the volunteers at the races. Back @ the '96 B1K we broke a driveline and transmission at Ojos. It took about 3 hours to fix and the BFG boys were eager to help us. Our crew took turns being fed by BFG. We ate the best rigatoni and meat sauce, garlic bread, and refreshements you could ask for down there! It totally blew me away. The people involved in racing are the reasons many people stay in racing.