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Aaron Snyder???Scam????


Is anyone else who has a listing in the classifieds getting emails from a guy in Europe who wants to buy your stuff? It seems a like maybe a Nigerian Prince is trying to hoodwink me. Anyone getting emails from an Aaron Snyder?

I know not desert racing, more like possible scam....Just checking on if anyone has had a similar experience.


Same exact scam that Klaus has listed, this guy is a scumbag. Thanks RDC for keeping me informed.


All the shipping expenses will be attached,
which you will have to submit to the shipping agent,
so as to ease the preparation of all export related documents and
insurance for the shipment,since the payment is collected from the
seller direct, so as to confirm that the transaction is legal and to
confirm that it's not a stolen property.

They also pick up other items for me in the State and other
provinces in Canada.

They will contact you regarding the pick up time and arrangement. Let
me have your name and residence or office address including your
contact phone number so
as to send out the payment check to you.

Earnestly awaiting your reply.


This was the fourth email he sent me. First off he asked for pictures. I just replied to him and told him to get lost.


Straw Man
What if we started sending these people boxes of poop??? Would that dissuade them from these scams??

Bryan J

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