Abney - Again!


I'll try one more time, still haven't recieved access to post.

I ride XR 650R, CRF 450x and KTM 530's... ...might get a KTM 300, but plan to trade it for KTM 450 soon there after!

Hope to ride in the H&H this weekend at Utah in the Over 30 Exp/pro class, think I'm still in the top ten in that class even though I missed the last two and DNF'd one of the 3 I've raced so far...

Really just babbling here until I get access to post in the Bike section, so I can reply to a thread on there about the KTM team I'm trying to throw (last minute) together for the 1000. Well, actually we tried to git-r-done for the 500 too, but now is better - maybe!

Please let me post!

I wanna ride! I mean, I wanna post!