I started off riding with my dad, whom always wanted to ride/race and couldn't afford a bike until he was 31 or so, and I got one 6 mo later! Been riding since I was 8yrs old. Started racing local MX and desert. After a major injury crash in a New Mexico desert race, I decided to finish my College degree before I went back to serious racing. Since I had my 'back-up' plan (career) in place I hit the West Coast SX series for the next 10yrs, but never quite made a main! Still had a great time and wouldn't change a thing (well getting a factory ride might have been nice, who am I kidding!) Won a few New Mexico State Championships along the way too.

After reading about BAJA for years, and finally getting a chance to race it on a Husaberg back in 2005, that is my passion, Baja racing! I will be down there every year I can afford to, or can find friends that can afford to, or I'll just go and help someone else!


Right now (2009) I'm on a Team with Sean Bradley/Brain Sweeny and we're in 2nd place Over 30 Pro Class on a KX 500! Getting ready to hit the 1000 in a month or so and see if we can pull off an upset win for the Championship! Either way it turns out for the Championship, we're going have some great times down there again, I'm sure of it!