About 95 Baja 1000 videos at about mile 82 - 84


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I posted all the videos I had from about mile 82 - 84 at the following link.
Some of the cars I missed seeing and some I did not film well. A few look really good. I also think the video quality went down a bit when posting.

You should be a able to download. Sorry if I missed your car/friend/favorite.

If the MOV file does not have a car number and just a generic title, it is because I could not make out the number. I used 'X' where I could not read one or more digits.

Oh, yeah, because of the newb status, please forgive the inane and probably incorrect chatter among the participants :)

Organize "modified" in ascending order to see what order the cars passed.
Thanks and I hope I got your car! Sorry, no bikes as I was at the start line for them.

Dropbox - 2017 Baja 1000 mile 82-84