About ready to go, now I cant find a tow...


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Hey all,
We are planning on running the El Camino at the Halloween race,
unfortunately I found out today that my guy who promised to tow the car there is unable to go to this race.

The car is in Placerville and I need help towing it over to the Reno track on friday afternoon, or Early Early sat to make it in time for tech, reg, practice, and qualifying. (this coming weekend)

We will cover the majority if not all of the fuel expense, We can either use a uhaul trailer or if you are in the bay area we have a trailer down here that a friend will lend for the weekend.
I have extra safety equip and will be happy to get anyone in the car that helps us get there.

Hope to see you all out there.


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I posted on the VORRA website also for you.

I know a Sacto racer that was renting a uhaul pickup truck to get to the desert races, might want to look into that.