About the next short course race...


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Are we going to put in a few bumps? I'm all for a high speed track once a season but we need some technical sections included to keep the drivers on their toes, also it doesn't hurt to keep the speed down a little bit using the course. The double jump in the middle of the S-turns should be built up a little bit, just enough to get off the ground and make a bit of rythym required. Also if you build up the course a bit, you will probably need to run both directions to keep the track useable for both moto's.

As much as we'd like to see the long course run again, I'd wait another race to get the rest of the logistics settled, I'd imagine it's hard to flag and control without a bit of experience since its out of sight from most of the track...

A friend of mine had a suggestion, Use a decent 3-4 foot high double jump with a 4-5' gap between the ramps installed somewhere and include a med-rough rythym section to offset it for the guys who want to go around to create a new type of passing zone, it might spice up the racing a little, but the only place with enough room that I can think of is on the straightaway at the bottom of the course. Maybe allow the jump to provide a straighter entrance to the the whole straightaway as an alternative to going through the little s-turn and over the little jump at the beginning of the straight when going counter clockwise.


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Sounds good to me. I like more bumps.... Can we add a rock pile or 2 :) (just kidding)