Accel DFI ignition systems ROCK!


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I am posting this a good friend of mine. He just put one of these systems in his buggy after prerunning in it with new system is WOW.

I just had to write this letter. I want everyone to know how well the new DFI system from ACCEL worked for me. I have an LS2 from Turn Key Engine Supply in my prerunner buggy. From the first day I bought the car, I have had nothing but problems with the way it ran. It backfired, stalled at low idle, and just never ran right. I called Turn Key to see if they could help me determine what was wrong. They said I needed to send the throttle body and the ECU back to them and they would go through it for me. I sent it right away. I got it back in a few days and was excited to put it back in my car and give it a test. Turn Key told me they made some adjustments and it should run much better. As soon as I put the Turn Key system back in my car, and started it, I could tell it made no difference at all. It still ran really bad. If I went into any altitude at all, it even ran worse. I wanted to find out why it ran so bad. I changed the plugs, cleaned the injectors, and still, no luck. Everyone told me I had bad injectors because I was running Mexican gas. I was even told the motor was just bad and I would need to get it rebuilt. I changed the injectors and put in the best gas I could find in the states. Still it was running the same, backfiring, lagging throttle response and stalling.
Then, I met Shawn Umphries from Mr. Gasket/Mallory Ignition. I told him how my car was running, and took him for a ride. He told me he thought he could fix it and make it run better. I was skeptical and pessimistic. I have been told this many times and spent a lot of money trying to fix it. He convinced me to let him try. To my surprise, when he was done putting in the new DFI System from ACCEL, I could not believe the difference! It was so easy to install. Just unplug the old and plug in the new system. I think my 6 year old could have done it. Now I wanted to take it down to Mexico put in Mexican gas, and beat the thing for ten days, and we will see how it runs after that. I was so impressed. The throttle response was instant. It gained more than 10 percent horse power. I know this because we ran it on a Dyno before and after to see what kind of a difference it was really going to make. It ran so crisp it did not matter if I went up to 10,000 feet or at sea level. Now the car idled and was so snappy it was really fun to drive. After ten days of as hard as I could drive, it never faltered! I am a nuts and bolts kind of guy. I have raced a Protruck and a 1600. With the carbs the car will flood if you did not do everything just right when you went to start it. This system always started with no fail. I am so impressed with this system I would never use a carb again. I just want everyone who runs an LS motor to know that there is a system available that will work with out fail, and not only work, but out perform the stock system by miles! They don’t just make parts for fuel injected cars, they even put a system together for my buddies class 9 car and it runs incredibly now as well. I just want to thank the guys at Mallory and ACCEL along with everyone at the Mr. Gasket company for helping get my car to run the way it is supposed to run, reliable and fun! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!