Accessing driver/vehicle/sponsor info via cell phone at the races?


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I have been working with a local company who specializes in physical world object hyperlinking which essentially allows people to type in an id number using a cellphone to retrieve data about any object in the world. Of course the first thing I think about is how this could benefit hobbies I am passionate about. I am primarily a desert racer but I think this technology would fit better for the short course/stadium style organizations and I am curious to hear what you guys think.

When implemented this software allows spectators to use their cell phones to go to a website (in this sample case) and type in a vehicle number to learn more about that vehicle. The website then returns any data about the vehicle that the driver/racing organization wishes to disclose, include career highlights, sponsors, vehicle stats etc.

I setup a sample page for my local quad racing, you can go to and in the "enter link" box type in whip q11 to see my sample page.
You can also try SNORE ut1 which is another sample page I created just to get the idea across.

Please let me know what you guys think and if anyone has any contact info for the short course racing orgs like LOORS or SXS please let me know.