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Accident on N I-15 @ barstow

Discussion in 'Whatever - General Discussion' started by stuckthrottle, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. stuckthrottle

    stuckthrottle Godlike

    Apr 1, 2001
    San Diego
    Fatal multi-vehicle accident on I-15 northbound in Barstow, CA. All northbound lanes will remain closed until midnight. Traffic being diverted. Two southbound lanes now open. Drivers from Las Vegas should take US-95 south to I-40 west to Barstow.
  2. stuckthrottle

    stuckthrottle Godlike

    Apr 1, 2001
    San Diego
    12:37 PM
    Now 2 Semi S and Car on Fire Just South of Off Ramp 12:37 PM
    Traffic Hazard in All Lanes 12:37 PM
    Also 3 Vehicles, 1 on Fire 12:37 PM
    Rear Ended 2 Other Semi S 12:37 PM
    Semi on Fire 12:37 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Barstow Fire Also 12:39 PM
    No Plaquards Seen on Any Semi S 12:39 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Comm Center 12:39 PM
    North Completely Shut Down, Have Fire Enter from Lenwood Going Wrong Way 12:41 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Barstow Fire and Comm Center 12:42 PM
    Vehicle on Fire Per Driver, Engine Oil 12:43 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 12:44 PM
    Keep Any Responding Units Rolling 12:45 PM
    Have Any Unit Shut Down North and Have Vehicle S Exit at Ocd 12:45 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Barstow Fire 12:45 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 12:47 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Media 12:48 PM
    South #1 and South #2 Shut Down for Fire Engine 12:52 PM
    Message/Item Delivered S4, Have Mobile Road Enforcement in Vv Area or Scales Respond 12:53 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 12:53 PM
    Attn Cal Transition, Need Freeway Closed North at Ocd Routing Traffic Around 12:54 PM
    And Need Signs Where Vehicle S Should Regarding-Enter Freeway 12:57 PM
    73-73 Will Divert Traffic Onto 58 12:59 PM
    Per S1, Have Caltrans Divert South Traffic at 58 and Down Nth to Victorville 1:02 PM
    South Traffic Diverted Onto 58 1:03 PM
    Open Up Closure South 1:06 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Media with Update 1:07 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 1:15 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Highway Stations, Unknown Duration of Closure 1:20 PM
    Caltrans Has Diverted All Traffic to Divert at Ocd for Northbound Traffic 1:27 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:07 PM
    Per 73-L2 // Notify LA Communication Center to Have It Put Out to Their News Media That this Wwill Be an Extended Closure for All Traffic Going Towards Las Vegas 2:13 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Chnl 4 News Chptmc 2:14 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:24 PM
    B73-70 Setting Up at Lenwood at Mercental Lane Traffic Control to Direct Tfc Thru 2:28 PM
    15 South #1 and 2 Lane is Closed-----for Emergency Personnell 2:33 PM
    Per S4 Traffic Control On Ramp from Lenwood On Ramp to North 2:36 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:41 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:41 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:42 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 2:58 PM
    Per 4-10 All Vehicle S That Were Caught in Between the Scene Are All Cleared Out 3:03 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 3:15 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 3:15 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 3:15 PM
    Message/Item Delivered Nhp with Traffic Conditions 3:18 PM
    Message/Item Delivered So, Line 125, They Will Call Back With Info 3:26 PM
    CHP Unit Enroute 3:32 PM
    2 Lanes Slow Down Toward the Off Ramp Then As the Two Lane Open Up 3:34 PM
    Per 12-81 Tfc Info Update-North 15 #3 Lane is Exiting at D is Backed Up to Mojave- 3:34 PM
    Then All Traffic Flows Thru By D St 3:35 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 3:39 PM
    Tfc North 15 #3 Lane is Backed Up to Mojave, #2 and #1 Lanes Slow and Then Open Up N of D St Per 12-81 3:45 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 3:47 PM
    73-S4/sb 15 #2 is Open, #1 is Shut Down 3:49 PM
    CHP Unit Enroute 3:51 PM
    Message/Item Delivered San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, Will Enter a Call for Unit to Do Tfc Control 4:19 PM
    83 Will Be Handling Traffic Control at D St Off Ramp 4:32 PM
    S4 S 28 Came Back to Lndr Looking for Dodge 4:35 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 4:42 PM
    Message/Item Delivered 73 a 4:46 PM
    S4, Advise Unit at Ocd That Coroners Van Will Be Coming Down That Area 4:46 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 4:47 PM
    CHP Unit Enroute 4:49 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 4:52 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 4:53 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 4:56 PM
    Message/Item Delivered 16 En Route 5:01 PM
    43, Another Unit Avail to 98 With Him for Traffic Control Due to Darkness, Lenwood Off Ramp North 5:01 PM
    CHP Unit Enroute 5:02 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 5:02 PM
    Message/Item Delivered D3 5:04 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 5:08 PM
    Message/Item Delivered a 73 5:09 PM
    CHP Unit on Scene 5:12 PM
  3. GFC

    GFC Well-Known Member

    May 22, 2003
    not good, sounds like it will delay trafic headed out to the MDR race
  4. Rufrider

    Rufrider Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2003
    High Desert, Coronado. & Yorba Linda
  5. JenDiggityDirt

    JenDiggityDirt Well-Known Member

    Apr 2, 2001
    Riverside Pride!
    I didn't see anything about the smashed CHP car halfway down the pass around 2:30-3:00 right where all the traffic was beginning to pile up going south. It looked like it got tagged pretty good and there were a ton of cops walking around.
  6. jeff

    jeff Moderator

    Apr 1, 2001
    138 had similar problems the same day when a bus traveling 60mph hit a lady sitting in her broken down car. Sent the car 300' down the road and by the time it had stopped it was already engulfed in flames. When it rains it pours. Assuming the side roads are clear you can bypass the 15 and still make pretty good time. Lots of those desert roads have 65 mph limits.

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