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Action Alert on anti-access amendements


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There has been a lot of activity within the past 24 hours on the Dept
of Interior Appropriations bill (HR 4568). More information is
available at the Congressional web site:


Phone calls and emails are still needed. Use the link below to send
an email or use this link to find the contact information for your
officials: http://capwiz.com/share/home/ and call them.

It is easy and takes a few minutes. Your recreation opportunity is at risk.


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Dear Subscriber,
Yesterday, BRC sent a nationwide ACTION ALERT to all our subscribers
regarding possible amendments being considered to Interior Appropriations
bill in Washington D.C. I want to thank all of you who responded to our

There is a piece of good news to report! Earlier today, an amendment was
offered by Congressman Duncan Hunter from California that would prohibit the
BLM from using user fees for environmental monitoring and studies of
endangered species.

Such things should not be funded by recreational fee program. Fees for
camping or other activities on public lands should go to facilities and
maintenance that provide a direct benefit to those paying these fees.

I want to strongly encourage you to TAKE ACTION on this important piece of
legislation. Our recreational access is still threatened by these politically
motivated amendments.

Potential amendments include efforts to diminish R.S. 2477 road rights,
unwise changes to the Forest Service Planning regulations, the elimination of
snowmobile access to Yellowstone National Park and one that will force the
Forest Service to implement Clinton?s Roadless Rule.

Most of these riders are BAD NEWS for OHV users and could, if passed, close
thousands of miles of roads and trails. BRC is working hard to educate
legislators on the effects they will have to millions of Americans who enjoy
vehicle access on our public lands. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We desperately need all BRC members and supporters to contact their
Congressman immediately.

BlueRibbon Coalition has made it extremely easy for you to contact your
Congressional representative. Just click the link below to send your message.


Thanks to all our members for helping us make a difference!
Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Director,
BlueRibbon Coalition

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