Action needed "Nevada" S.N.O.R.E, MRAN Members and MINT 400 Racers/Teams


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Attention Nevada S.N.O.R.E, MRAN Members and MINT 400 race participants! It is the time to take a few minutes from working on your trucks, buggies and bikes and write/call/email your Federal Legislators, pleading with them to preserve and protect our OHV lands and to oppose the recently passed Clark County Public Land Resolution!

Here is their contact information:
Senator Dean Heller...
Offices: Las Vegas / Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-388-6605 / 775-686-5770 / 202-224-6244
Fax: 702-388-6501 / 775-686-5729 / 202-228-6753
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto
Offices: Las Vegas / Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-388-5020 / 775-686-5750 / 202-224-3542
Fax: 702-388-5030 / 775-686-5757 / 202-224-7327
Congresswoman Dina Titus - 1st District of Nevada
Offices: Las Vegas / Washington D.C.
Phone: 702-220-9823 / 202-225-5965
Congressman Mark Amodei - 2nd District of Nevada
Offices: Elko / Reno / Washington D.C.
Phone: 775-777-7705 / 775-686-5760 / 202-225-6155
Fax: 775-753-9984 / 775-686-5711 / 202-225-5679
Congresswoman Jacky Rosen - 3rd District of Nevada
Offices: Washington D.C.
Phone: 202-225-3252
Fax: 202-225-2185
Congressman Ruben Kihuen - 4th District of Nevada
Offices: North Las Vegas / Washington D.C.
Phone: 202-225-9894
Fax: 202-225-9783

Here is my letter as reference:

Senators and Representatives,

As you are well aware, the Clark County commissioners recently approved a Resolution 6-0 recently, calling for Federal Legislation to open up more than 44,000 acres of public land for new development south of Las Vegas in the Ivanpah Valley, and set aside more than 300,000 acres of new conservation land in the county.

I would like to point out during the public hearing there were many “misrepresentations” of the details leading up to this vote. Several times during her testimony, County Air Quality Director Marci Henson, who led the drafting of the resolution, said that she had reached out to the “Stakeholders” involved with this old fashioned land grab for profit. The truth is that the real “Stakeholders” were NOT contacted to discuss the ramifications of this Resolution!

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a Stakeholder as one that has a stake in an enterprise and one who is involved in or affected by a course of action. Those directly affected would be ALL the persons/groups that may or would be affected. Truth be told, there are thousands of people that actively use, protect and clean up the lands involved. Groups such as Southern Nevada Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (SNORE), Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada (MRAN), The Best In The Desert Racing Association (BITD) were never approached and consulted! There are also Trail Riding Organizations, Equestrian Organizations, Excursion companies as well as the tens of thousands of Nevadans residing in Clark County that own and operate OHV’s that were completely ignored. So much for “Stakeholders”, being consulted! Even the Corporation owning the famous MINT 400 that races on this land, was only consulted at a late stage. It is my firm belief that in fact, the only reason they were even contacted is because they have a pre-existing lease or agreement of land-use with the BLM which needed to be dealt with before the vote.

Another “point of contention” is that more of this land is going to be allocated for the preservation of the Desert Tortoise habitat. During a back and forth exchange with Commissioners, Marci Henson mentioned that the Desert Tortoise population had in fact grown within Clark County. That is great! But if this the truth, and it was done with active and respectful racing going on, so it begs to question why more land is needed? Why can’t we coexist with the existing boundaries?

The next “misrepresentation” involved the use and access to what may be our most precious commodity in Nevada and that of course is water. The question of how water was going to be supplied to these new developments was basically brushed aside if not scoffed at by the Commissioners. It’s a shame that the Commissioners can jest when major housing developments are being cancelled and postponed due to the lack of water in NV. In fact, you are painfully aware, that if levels of water held within the reservoirs of the Colorado River are not replenished, a State of Water Emergency may be declared within a few years.

It is very important the note that The Clark Co. Public Land Resolution also runs over and pushes aside a decade of work by stakeholders and professional resource managers writing the pending 2018 Southern Nevada RMP (Resource Mgmt. Plan). The Clark Co. Resolution also violates DOI SO 3365 that elevates recreation on federal public land equal with development and preservation.

Legislators, I’m not sure how much exposure you have had with the OHV and Off-Road Racing Communities, but you should meet these fine people. They are the “salt of the earth”, blue and white collar sort of folks. This is a family and generational sport. It is one made up of parents passing on to their sons and daughters what they were taught by their parents. It is a sport where men and women race together and against each other. It is a sport where passion and hard work and comradery are more important than winning. In this sport, it is about togetherness and community and yes, a way of life.

In the face of the majority of people now a days that just don’t care and use our public lands as dumps, the members and participants of these groups teach “environmentally responsible use” of public lands and not misuse of our lands. These people race on “Public” lands and are monitored in their activities by Law Enforcement from many jurisdictions, by BLM and Forestry officials and they clean up before and after each event.

Please do not take these supposedly” public” lands away from the OHV and Off-Road Communities by agreeing to or supporting this ill-conceived Resolution or Legislation!