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Action Needed NOW !! Please Help....


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In a surprise move, the Assembly may possibly be going into a special session on Friday, July 27, to pass SBX2 78 back to the Senate for concurrence.

We thought we had the legislatures summer break period until August 20, to alert people, but the assembly is in a rush to judgment on this bill. SBX2 78 has a horrible section (13) on conservation easement, which would foreclose off road opportunities forever. This language was inserted by the environmental extremists led by the Sierra Club.

Please email the governor and key legislators the included letter. You may also go to <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.assembly.ca.gov>www.assembly.ca.gov</A>, go to the "Legislation" page, and email your legislator from the the Assembly web page.

We only have until Friday to make our voices heard. Please email to all your friends and alert them as well. If in fact, this bill is not heard Friday, I will keep you posted.

We can make a difference.

Please cut and paste the below email into your email program.
Do NOT send as an attachment. The Governor's office will not accept attachements.

July 24, 2001

The Honorable Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Governor Davis,

We are opposed to SBX2 78 by Senators Polonco and Sher in its current form. We understand and appreciate your hard work on solving California’s energy crisis. We know that this bill is to implement the Memorandum of Understanding that you negotiated with Southern California Edison during this difficult time.

However we must oppose Section 13 dealing with Conservation Easements as currently drafted. This section results in the locking up of all Southern California Edison lands. This section makes the Secretary of the Resources Agency the Czar of the land in this easement and eliminates local control over land use issues.

This section will result in eliminating current human recreation opportunities, including current off roading opportunities. It also sets a dangerous precedent for future land conservation easements.

Additionally, this section will do the following:
Cause the loss of a centralized, environmentally sustainable tourism access point to land in the Sierra.
Cause the loss of $5 million in direct land and property tax and sales tax revenues anticipated on the completion of the Shaver Lake project.
Cause the loss of up to 400 permanent jobs and $8-10 million in local annual payroll.

In addition, the proposed California State University Fresno Sierra Center for Education and Research will probably not be built. This will be a great loss to students of all ages as well as all Californians.

For reasons stated above, please do not sign this legislation until section 13 is totally rewritten or eliminated.

Thank you for your consideration.


CORVA Field Rep - So. Cal.
(California Off Road Vehicle Association)
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I guess just try both.

CORVA Field Rep - So. Cal.
(California Off Road Vehicle Association)
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I e-mailed the Gov and got the pre-fab response, but at least its something...here it is:

Thank you for your e-mail.

I greatly appreciate your keeping me informed on issues that are important
to you. Your comments add to the information my Administration needs as
we strive to make California a better place in which to live and work. If your
concerns fall under the jurisdiction of the state, your correspondence will be
forwarded to the appropriate agency or department for action. To ensure
that your message receives the proper response, please be sure to include
your name and address when you communicate with my office and please do
not include attachments in your e-mail. We do not accept or respond to

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. An informed and engaged citizenry
is essential to the democratic process.

Governor Gray Davis