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Adapters from heim to spindle?


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I've seen 5/8" Heims that have an adapter that bolts through the spherical bearing and allows you to use it in place of an international tie rod end. Lots of people use them on their tie rods in place of the international tie rod ends. If you know what I'm talking about this is what I need: I need the same thing but to use in place of a ford tie rod end. It's close only it's smaller. I called Baker and I was told that they don't carry or sell anything like that. My local VW shop has some of the international ones, but I was just wondering if anyone know where I can look for some. Any help would be appreciated.




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Try the circle turner places like AFCO, Stock Car Products, Coleman, or Port City. You'll probably need to know the big and small diameters and talk to or email one of their reps as you won't find diameters listed online.


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What you are looking for is commonly used in the "Buggy" classes as a Rod End or Heim Adapter Pin. We manufacture one to replace the International tie rod end. Our Adapter is made of 4340 Chromoly and sell them for $22.00 each with the 5/8" and 9/16" slotted nuts. Give Race Ready Products a call at 619-691-9171. Good Luck!


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check to see if the international tie rod is the same as the ford
i thought i heard someone say once or read somewhere it was the same

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