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Hey All,

I'm new to this but am really excited to begin. I'm looking for some info on what side by side to purchase.
I'm looking to get into racing, but I'm also looking to buy something that I can take out with the girlfriend for fun as well.
I hear that the Polaris 1000 has some major issues, but that seems to be the most popular racing class.
The people I have spoken to say the Polaris 900 is the way to go, but it doesn't seem like a big racing class anymore.

Any advice is much appreciated


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Build a Polaris 1000 N/A and get you feet wet in the PURE series held out in Cal City.


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Get a used RZR XP1000 that was built by a top notch fabricator. You can look in the Race-Dezert UTV classifieds or call builders/race teams such as Holz, Jagged X, Cognito, etc and see if they have anything for sale. The UTV car count in the MORE series is going up race by race and is WAY cheaper to race than BITD or SCORE. Pure or District 38 are other options.


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I have a lot of miles in both. The YXZ is fun, and shifting it is novel, but IMO just about everything is better on a RZR...eg, suspension, acceleration, ride quality etc.