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My name is Eli, currently i am member of the Navy, but my real intrest are in racing. As of the past few years i have become more and more intreged by rally racing. i did some street racing in my high scholl days, and did well. i want to take a more professional route to become a racer in the rally world. unfortuatly i dont have much experiance off the streets of south texas.
I dont know the classes of racing, or even where to start to try and get my name out there. i have no clue the car specs i need. or how much a decent used rally car should cost me. Basically i am starting from the bottom. but there is only one way to go from here.


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Hey Eli, here is a site that has some really good information about Rally racing.

Check out the "Rally University"....lots of good info.

I just started doing Stage Rallies last year on a bike, NASA has a bike class they call RallyMoto.

Hope to see you at the races someday!