Affordable Race-To-Chase Tracking and Comms for the BK1


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Racing the 2019 Baja 1000?
Don't race without having RacingTraX direct race-to-chase tracking and communications!
$150 per Race Tracker
$100 per Chase unit
Pre-Running is FREE!

8 minute race-to-chase updates with race mile and speed

4 minute on-line live map update of race vehicle

30 minute on-line update of all chase vehicles

Unit activation for messaging during pre-running

100 additional satellite messages
Customers who have purchased RacingTraX devices to own rather than rent can order data plans and activate their units to receive all the features above for only $75 per device!
RacingTraX is #1 in direct race-to-chase tracking and communications.
Easily send messages between team members all through the Iridium satellite network.

Receive 8 minute updates with current RM and Speed of your race vehicle.

Always know what's going on!
Connect to unit's wifi signal, go to safari or chrome, type in
Family, Friends & Fans
Receive Race highlights of your favorite team or even that arch rival on your cell phone during the race! No more guessing or having to sit by a computer, every 8 minutes you will be notified of your team's position and speed during the race. Click here for more details

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Hello racers, I’ve been getting a lot of calls from some great teams, however I’m taking a quick trip to Thailand with the wife before the 1000 (that’s how you get them to let you go racing) so if you have any questions just email me at [email protected] or post your questions here on the form.
I have an assistant who’s fulfilling orders so we can still get them mailed out for you to use during pre-running which is included in the rental price.
I’ll be back in town on the 15th and driving down to Mexico on the 16th so I can bring units down when I come then as well.
-David Clay