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Africa Eco-race 2018 (the race to Dakar)


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I think is some internal problem with the engine something not really repairable in field but back in workshop. Plus parts for that iveco engine in Africa are not really available off the shelf.


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Nothing much going on

Ullevalseter and Agoshkov are in top 4 at end of SS in bikes, but so far down the standings it changes nothing. Paolo Ceci in the lead.

Matt Serradori won today's stage in cars with just couple of minutes in front of Vasiliev in his Mini. Vasiliev still has a 14 minute overall lead. 2 Optimus MD buggies 3 and 4th, De Rooy 5th in his truck.


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Vasiliev lost 1.5 hours stuck in the sand and is now losing 1.05h to Serradori but about an hour in front of 3rd place. De Rooy 4th overall in the truck, Tomecek 11th overall driving his Tatra truck solo


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Leg 10
in bikes
Ullevalseter out for good with broken engine
Agoshkov plagued with problems - broken wheel after a fall 20km from the start and placed last for the day.
Ceci and Oliveira play safe, being 1st and 3rd at scratch and 1-2 overall.

First win for someone other than Vasiliev and Serradori - both struggled in the dunes allowing Dominique Laure his first stage win. Gomez was 3rd making it 1-3 for MD buggies.


De Rooy losing time in the dunes, assisted by Van De Laar, stops before finish to thank VD Laar and allow him first stage win in his truck.