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Air powered pumps for moving oil.


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In another post I asked about carbon arc gouging. Now I'm going to pick your brains on pumps for moving oil.
There's several styles that I've looked at on Northern Tool, etc...

But, do any of you have one that works well? Is cost effective? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance. As I said in the Fabrication thread, this is a huge job, with big potential for my shop. So again any advice would be awesome.

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Get a diaphragm pump they run on air and move oil fast we use them in our service trucks for salvage pumps and them work greatImageUploadedByrace-deZert1387725188.765364.jpg

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Awesome. Thank you guys for all the input. But it seems like there's a big price gap between models. Anyone in particular you guys recommend? Or are they all pretty much the same?

I don't have to move the oil fast, but I may have to move it a ways. potentially 20' or more and uphill roughly 6' to 8' into a container.