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Alaskan Oil Reserves


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A vote is near in the House of Representatives on the topic of opening up Alaskan reserves in ANWAR for drilling of oil and gas. I encourage everyone to contact your representative and urge them to support any bill to increase domestic drilling and production, even in Alaska. The proposed drilling at ANWAR will be limited in scope and monitored very closely. All precautions will be taken to ensure that there is no undue harm to the environment. It will not become another Prudhoe Bay. However, it should be noted that Prudhoe Bay, AK has been more productive than any other US field.

By opening up ANWAR, it would accomplish two major tasks. First, it would increase domestic production and help to reduce our dependancy on foriegn oil. It would also send a message to the environmentalist movement and to the American people as a whole that some compromises must be made and we can not sacrafice all personal liberties in the name of the environment. Perhaps this would wake up some people to the support of private property rights and access to public lands.

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I heard it past the vote in the House last night, but now will go to Senate, where the Democrats will be opposing it strongly.

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