Alister McRae's new vehicle...

Baja Fool

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Looks like cross between a Meyers Manx and Ranger RZR.....s/b interesting.

The Dakar is the only reason I want summer to end.

Desert Dog

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Looks pretty uncomfortable...

I wouldn't to be hammered about in that for too long - could do with some longer travel suspension?
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Racing the Dakar in a Rhino, what a GREAT idea!!!!! NOT!!!


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I got a change to see this vehicle at close range...looked pretty small to me also, especially as it had not spare parts on the buggy yet. Logical place for extra wheels would be on the roof and outer body...which it didnt have yet. The sound however is great!! and it does move very easy through heavy sand. I did see some 4x4's having problems with the same sand.

For more pics see: the mcrae tab for more. Hopefully I will be able to show some images of the finished vehicle later this month.