Aloha to all my all my off-road racing 'ohana

Aloha, I'm da kine kahuna (aka) Mo Malabanan and I've raced since 1985. Some of the team I've been involved with are "Big Time Racing, Roberto's Taco Shops, Coronado Racing, Edsel (Ford) Racing, Gutierrez Racing (family), Pflueger Racing, Solozano Racing, Matt Decker Racing, and Cousins by the Dozens. Finish Record: 1985 MDR 250 (4th place), 1986 Baja 500 (14th place & DNF), 1987 San Felipe 250 (1st place), and raced with other teams in Baja. To all my friends out there racing and pitting..."Always share the Aloha". My dream for the future is to be a co-driver for my granddaughter Kiana Malabanan. I raced with my son Sean and now it's time for granddaughter...