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#1949 Summers Alba Glazzkraft Racing Baja 500 Race Story
By Alonso Lopez, Driver & Team Owner

First of all, I want to thank God for keeping us safe on this grueling race course. Our most sincere condolences to the families of the 2 fallen racers and to the family who lost their boy in such an unfortunate accident.

As you know, every race starts with the preparation of the race car, chase, supplies, and improvement on parts, from the experience of past races:

Summers Brothers designed and built a new set of thicker/stronger rear axles, the “Barbarian Furious”.
Alba Racing rebuilt us a very reliable motor with their Stage-2 Kit.
Glazzkraft made a brand new set of their full carbon fiber “Bomber Race Body Kit”.
King Shocks rebuilt & added more valves to their IBP shocks to perform better in the San Felipe whoops.
Rigid Industries provided us with a new more-efficient setup of lights for our new front bumper.
Trinity Racing created a new stronger/thicker packaging for their dual slip-on brushed xxhaust system.
Weddle Industries & @Montes Motores y Transmiciones de Competencia (out of Ensenada, BC, very well known for many champion race cars on class 16, 10, 5-1600, etc.) fully race prepped a brand new Polaris Transmission, including the Japanese Heavy Duty bearings supplied by Alba Racing.
Schaeffer’s Oil formulated a new transmission oil to reduce components heating.
OMF Wheels supplied us with a 10 sets of their new lighter wheel centers.
Rugged Radios made sure that we have the best communications available.
Slime provided the number 1 tire sealant on the market.
BFGoodrich Tires / Jackson Motorsports assisted with the most amazing UTV tire all around (only 2 flat tires in more than 2,500 miles of Off Road Racing).
Baja Pits provided reliable pit stops as always. Carlos Orozco and his team is a MUST TO HAVE on every race where they attend.
Roots Off-Road framing the best still images and videos for our race team.


We headed for Ensenada early in the week with plans to pre-run most of the race course. Unfortunately, our pre-runner UTV had some fuel and electrical issues and we couldn’t make it work. We ended up doing less than 60 miles of the 477 race miles. Extremely disappointed in our cancellation of pre-running, we turned our focus to the race car. We headed to San Matias which many of you would recognize as the section where you can run wide open through massive whoops right along Hwy 3. Its a long and brutal whoop packed section that can really test your machine. We went there with King to adjust the shocks on the race car and get them race ready. If they could handle San Matias then they could handle anywhere else on the course. While testing the race car we developed an electrical issue that took some time to figure out, it also freaked us out. The last thing we need this close to the race is a gremlin, an electrical one at that.