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Altar Dunes - Mexico

Hog Wild

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Check out our friends in Mexico camping out in the middle of our Sonora Rally race course. Altar Dunes is an amazing place, just over the boarder from Yuma AZ. Imagine navigating in a race across those massive dunes with no GPS, just a rally roadbook, compass and odometer. That's how it's done in Sonora Rally, just like in Dakar. Those dunes span 10 times more area than Glamis, WOW!

A bunch of car hot-shots will be racing Sonora Rally, like Bryce Menzies, Justin Lofton, Larry Ragland, and bike guys like Ricky Brabec, Joan Barreda (HRC rider from Spain), Steve Hengeveld, Mark Samuels, and Andrew Short. They will be in the dunes section for two days, covering a couple hundred miles, plus two days of non-dunes.

Those dunes are wide open for weekend play too!

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scary fast hummer

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Very cool! Must make an expedition there sometime.