Aluminum dashes


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I have been looking everywhere and have only found good pics ofa couple nice truck dashes. i need to find pics of dashes that have consoles coming out of them. If anybody knows of any sites to look at to get ideas i would appreciate it. i also need to find pics of a Stack-on digital gauges system if anmybody knw where to find one of those. thanks


Jerry Maguire
Ask Fish about the digital gauges as I think he just put one in the piece. There was just a discussion about them, so do a search.


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do you want to build a full aluminum dash or just aluminum around the gauges?me and a friend built a peice of aluminum that went in where the old gauge panel was and cut holes in it for autometer gauges.


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as far as digital gauges go , i think these look better than those that were posted earlier



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This is the motec dash. This looks very clean but I'm not sure if you have to have the motec injection system to run it.