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Oct 13, 2006
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El Cajon, Ca
My name is Danny Ederer and have been into off roading ever since I could walk. I started out building projects when I was in sixth grade and long traveled out my go cart. My next project when I turned 15 was my 1990 4 wd yota. I installed a jd fabrication kit in the front with the tundra conversion clip. Next project was my buddies same style truck but he went with the total chaos in the front and deavers with kings in the rear. Later I met a lady friend with a 1997 Ranger and of course I had to stuff some 14 fox coilovers under her hood with custom radius arms and extended the pivot points for the I beams. I have a new recent project wich is a two seater dual sport that has caused a lot of question mainly because I am running an eco tec motor wich is interesting.