am/fm stereo/video/gps


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this is for my prerunner/play/chase truck, not a racer.

i currently use a single din radio with a i-pod hooked up to either my external speakers or my intercom which also has blue tooth so its easy to play a co riders music and google maps directions/phone calls.

a for gps i use 2 old school lowrance XOG with baja map cards.

it gets me around but just seeing if technology has made any big leaps.

check out this unit. it has 2 usb and a sd card slot and a a/v inputs on the back. i wonder if it will take my baja sd card map and or be able to load race maps?

Kenwood Excelon DNX995S



Doubtful the Kenwood will display race map data. It says "built-in Garmin navigation system" so it probably only allows updates from Garmin and not the end user like you want to do. You could call Kenwood but it'll take some time to find the correct answer and not just the "I don't think so" answer from a low level tech.

If the budget is there for the Kenwood you might want to consider a Marine MFD - Multi Function Display.

The fishfinders of old have got all fancy schmancy and can do a hell of a lot more than you might think. Because Lowrance is sort of the standard for a GPS in off-road racing the best map compatibilty will most likely be to stick with a (newer) Lowrance device. Through NMEA2000 you can control a headunit or a "Black Box" like the Rockford Fosgate PMX-8BB. This gives you the ability to control the music (volume control, view tracks, etc) right through the MFD.

If you want to get even more high tech you can convert the analog signals from your engine / transmission sensors to digital and have that data displayed on the MFD too. Sort of like a MOTEC or Race Pak digital dash. You need the sensor converter box ($200) and you might have to change sensor brands but the wiring gets pretty simple from that point on. All the sensors get wired to the conversion "brain" and then one single NMEA2000 cable goes from the converter to your MFD network. It might sound complicated but it's not.

If you want to see what I'm talking about lookup NMEA2000 Dashboard on YouTube. It will most likely be Marine related videos but you'll get the idea.