An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

Zac Reish

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I think they get the point. Can we kill this thread? Can we talk (I mean complain) about something else?


Many great points on the need for improvement have been made in the previous threads. I have coordinated and worked large concerts and Motorsports events both as LEO commander as well as the private side. Much of the issues regarding the spectator area conflicts can be mitigated by setting a tone with both LEO and security personnel at the entry& following thru with arrests when disruptive people do not heed warnings. Additionally, there needs to be guidelines on overselling which are adhered to by the promoted. I enjoy attending the Mint each year. Yes there are growing pains,but earlier proactive planning can reduce them significantly.


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I wish it were that simple, I race a class 5 and when I can’t afford to race I try to come down and volunteer. It’s not very likely that the ignorant drunk dipshit with his dog and or all they’re drunk buddies are going to listen to a guy in a shiny safety vest. And I am not pulling any of my firearms out just to convince that group to leave.

FYI i don"t believe anyone was planing on or going to bust a cap in a drunk dude or chick, It was the issue of there dogs (Large dogs at that) that were charging spectators and other dogs. Very inconsiderate of the owners, the leashes were very long 20-25 feet or no leashes at all. I was there with my daughter in law, son and grandson. I as well went to my truck and armed myself. After reading this thread and seeing others did the same, they to felt threatened! I saw 2 people talk to security point at the animals, who did nothing. They security may have been intermediate by the size of the group the person was addressing who had 2 of the 4 dogs in the area. Oh drunk dudes and drunk chicks blasting there music, dancing in the dirt with dogs running a-muck.

They would absolutely listen if I were the one wearing the vest :) Also, they would never get in there in the first place with the dog or a pass not physically adhered or any other shenanigans. Either take the dog home or give me your pass - sorry, but we have enforced rules and you're not entering. This is what you get unfortunately when you hire 1 person at 10 bucks an hour or whatever it is to control an area with that many people. They don't stand a chance. Get more staff there and give them all radios with instructions to radio the BLM as soon as an issue happens. Once people see we're serious about enforcement, that will set the tone. Stop it before it starts.

I would think spec 4 is the easiest to walk out and give a friend their parking pass. With the Knight Ranch road initial checkpoint and then each spec area has one it's double the security. Plus a long walk to the main road. Private minimum wage security up against drunk asshats. I would not go up against them.

Easy solve: Just like going into a professional sporting event, take the pass from them and give them a wristband with the license plate number sharpied on it in exchange. They could now go from one pit to another and their wristband would be their ticket back into whatever pit. The security guards would look at that, match it to the plate and end of story.

I actually talked with the BLM rec planner, the head honcho from Carson City and BLM LEO supervisor when they came to see me and visit about what went on at Spec 4 later that day. I told them this was totally unacceptable and there should be no alcohol allowed to be packed in - controlled alcohol sales, yes. They said no one ever radioed them or Rangers there were issues or there wouldn't have been issues. There was enough LEO support out there to take care of all of these problems. They are very concerned about the firearms, dogs and drunk & disorderly observances made about Spectator 4. I mean, if I'm hearing about it while I'm working in Pit A during the race, it must've been pretty serious. The post about MDR couldn't be more true - NEVER FORGET.