And yet ANOTHER bit of good news for Yamaha!


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Looks like this makes 7 trials won - this one just happened this week - hopefully this is one more step towards a new model!

Yamaha Statement on Swainston vs Yamaha Decision in Orange County, CA​

CYPRESS, Calif. – April 4, 2011 – A jury in Orange County, Calif., today rejected the plaintiffs’ claims and returned a defense verdict in Swainston vs Yamaha, a case involving an accident on a Yamaha Rhino. This verdict in favor of Yamaha marks the third time in California, sixth time in a row and seventh time overall that a jury has rejected plaintiffs’ claims regarding the Rhino’s design, finding no defect in the Rhino. In July 2010, a jury found for Yamaha in a Rhino trial in Santa Ana County, Calif., as did a jury in San Bernandino County, Calif., in August 2010.

The testimony and evidence presented during the three-month trial showed that this unfortunate incident had nothing to do with the design of the product. The incident underscores the importance of following the safety recommendations on our products and in the owner’s manual, and to always operate the products in a safe and responsible manner. Rhinos are designed for off-road use only, and the vehicle is only recommended for drivers age 16 or older with a valid driver’s license. Drivers and passengers should at all times wear helmets, protective gear including over-the-ankle footwear, and the vehicle’s three-point seat belts.

The Rhino is a safe and useful off-road vehicle when driven responsibly, and has won virtually every “first in class” award and top safety ratings in independent reviews since its introduction.

Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino and will continue to vigorously defend the product.

To learn more about the Yamaha Rhino, visit our website Truth About Rhino.


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Good for Yamaha! As a vendor for Yamaha I have been hearing about these law suits from day one. And everyone of them has been Ridiculous!