Andy Mac overalls Vegas to Reno


Well-Known Member put up that Andy McMillin overalled V2R, congrats on the win Andy and the whole Mcmillin team for their 3rd BITD of the year.



40's rock!
Another win for Andy and the Geiser Brothers, congrats to all!

Andy I hope you get to come play at the big race!


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congratulations to andy and team. with out a doubt the most dialed in
truck and team racing right now.


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I forgot... congratulations, Andy. I'm sure that you have a lot of Baja fans waiting for your come back to this side of the border.

AZ Dezert Rat

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Congrats Bebo! Also to the Geiser Bros. teams who brought it home. Thanks to Rhiannon from PCI and volunteers who stepped up and helped out the Jesse Jones team when others bailed out in the middle of the race. Sorry I couldn't be there guys, but celebrating the 25th Anniv w/ my bride this weekend. Be there next time!

All racers have a safe trip home-


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Congrats!!!!!! Team is on F-I-R-E!!!


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Congrats Andy on a hard fought win! It was an epic battle for the TT class!


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that-a-boy! great job to andy and all the mcmillin team!