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Another awesome rig from Axial


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Thought you all might like to take a peek at the newest release from Axial it's called the RR10 Bomber and it's designed off the actual Bomber Fab Ultra 4 .


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So now the dilemma starts , do I wait for rc4wd to FINALLY release the TF2 RTR or do I pull the trigger and get the new Axial RR10 Bomber ?

I've been waiting forever for the TF2 and REALLY want it but am getting sick of waiting . If I get the Bomber I can do a replica of my friends real Ultra 4 which is based off the real Bomber chassis .

Or get the TF2 and detail the hell out of it .

Think what I'm gonna do is stick with the TF2 for now and see how long RC4WD makes me wait . If it's too long then I'll get the Bomber as a backup plan lol .