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Another good article, but.......


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I'm not quite sure if your are bagging on this article or not....I have been around off-road racing since the Borrego 150 days and any press is better than no press. I thought the article was pretty interesting...you need to take a step back and read it from a non-desert racer stand point. It's not often a "Pavement" editor has good things to say about off-road racing...let alone recommends it to other readers.....


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No, I am with you on any positive press is good press, It looks like Speedvision WEB gives off-road racing a fair shake, they even have an off-road section. My question is more geared toward Speedvision TV, they can't seem to satisfy all the viewers, ie. more class coverage, but they are the only ones covering the sport. I agree, it was an interesting article, and good to see. BTW how "north" are you?


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The magazine "RACER", that is advertised their is a mag for all major forms of motorsports. In the early 90's they used to do extensive coverage of the SCORE races, and they still give small blerbs on the SCORE races. It is a pretty good mag, and is nation wide. Every little bit helps. I am going to write them a letter though, and see if they will do a little more.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"


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RACER Magazine is a bitchin' "high-end" publication. They feature a tremendous amount of open wheeled racers (F1, CART and IRL), as well as NASCAR (Primarily Winston Cup Series) Their photography is second to none!

As for the off-road racing coverage featured within the pages of RACER, like everyone, I wish it could be more. They occasionally mention the CORR series, and alaways provide a listing of the SCORE series, in their schedule of events section.

When it comes to an actual event feature in RACER - you will almost never see anything but Baja 500 and Baja 1000 coverage. In the Desert Off-Road Racing world, these are the two most historic/prestigious/legendary events (to the media and the casual observer). Even though Parker, Barstow and of course, Las Vegas have enjoyed their share of "legendary" status over the years. Also, the Baja events always attract an "international" flavor, with competitors coming from all over the world to compete.

One man at RACER Magazine is responsible for the coverage we have received in recent years - Peter Brock. Although his assignments are largely comprised of "asphalt" events, Mr. Brock is VERY passionate about Baja, and ALL the competitors that dare to challenge and experience it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brock on the way to the airport in Cabo, after the Baja 2000. During our conversation, he spoke of his love for the events in Baja, and off road racing in general. He is so enthusiastic about the quality, design and preparation of the cars and teams in competition. He stated to me, that with all of the other, more widely recognized forms of motorsports, featured in the pages of RACER, that he is COMMITED to bringing off road racing to the readers of RACER (which includes the competitors in the other series). He makes sure to schedule the Baja events into his regular routine of covering those events that take place on asphalt.

So next time you see an issue of RACER Magazine, pick it up, check it out, and see what they are doing for ALL forms of motorsports. And by all means, write to them and let them know we want more features on off road racing. They have featured Robby Gordon's TT in a nice pictorial spread, and I have it on good information, they have done a photo shoot with the Damen Jefferies/Herman Motorsports TT. Look for it soon.

And if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Peter Brock, tell him THANKS for all of his effort!


Tony B.