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Another new class idea...


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I posted an idea for a new class for schitz and niggles in the barn finds thread. I was talking with a buddy who saw it and he thought it was actually not a bad idea (but he was probably baiting me)? So I'm running with it for fun and your punishment, as well as to fill the ever increasing dead zones here on RDC...

Almost everything is represented at NORRA including new stuff, truly vintage cars with history, new builds that rep the vintage mentality, to bikes old & new, class 10 etc. And the truly older stuff is getting harder to find and more costly. With the mindset of getting older stuff out of yards and back racing while on a budget: Why not.... "Vintage SXS"???

It seems anything older than 3 yrs, is past tense in the UTV race game and all those really old OG SXS's, that could not make 500-1K miles on a torn up B1K course, might be better suited, just like some of the other vintage limited cars are, to a Norra type event???

Class concept-rules ideas for you to shoot down: 2010(ish) or older Race Rhino-pre $100K UTV race class for sxs's, 800CC max, 27" tire max, 12 gal fuel max, +- 12" wider/longer but no stretching the rules, open suspension but 1 2.5" or smaller shock per corner, no bypasses or IBP, maybe 2 or 4wd/SS or 2 seat so Drakarts, Redlines, and Dave's fleet of Odysseys etc can run? But has to be OG production based and in the spirit of a Rhino and current race SXS? Run what ya brung kinda class but maybe add a "voted on by class" handicap system, for any "evo cars" or "rules stretcher" participants to keep everyone honest and in the spirit of the class?

I bet there's a ton of old race & play cars that could fit the bill and be had for literally pennies on the dollar, that have zero race value and are laying around in yards or garages including SR1 motor swaps. Beauty is you can chase with a V6/single axle trailer? and they'll be no worse than some of the vintage hardware out there in cost and capability and % of the size. Here's a few examples, flame away!

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I know that my super vintage, game changing 2010 race RZR that was a Robby Gordon edition to start, then built into the first 2 seater from a four seater, could be purchased for a song in Oklahoma. Great Idea! PM me for details if anyone is interested...


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^^^ I'm way over 20 so it's okay 🤪

That opens the chicken-egg convo: Is a newly built "retro" bronco or hi jumper; really a "vintage" race car or just a car built to obsolete specs or rules, with old but a lot of new parts? Not criticizing anyone's build or opinion at all, as it's all cool. But a race Rhino or similar 800 build from that era is actually an old race car that is not only class obsolete, but it's also a 5-6 gens behind today so regardless of age; it really is a vintage race car by in theory IMO.

Just having fun and suggesting an option for a class with older iron that could be cost effective and capable...


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I like it for this reason- The car could be run in the desert and short course without too much specialization. A cool combo series with Glen Helen and Barstow/Lucerne and throw in a fairground or 2. Add Class 9 and think of the fun.

D Bergstrom

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I kind of remember BITD having a 800cc and smaller engine class a while back that they started to give the old Rhino's and RZR's a place to race. Cant recall exactly when (My guess is it was about the time the 1000cc RZR's came out.)but I kind of followed it because I have a 2009 RZR-S sitting in my garage and thought that it would be a good candidate for the class. There may have been one or two throughout the entire year, pretty much no one raced and BITD got rid of the class. Maybe there would be interest now?



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It would be a cool class especially if tire size and other things were restricted to how they raced in the day. I would think this would be a cheap class to race like UTV started out as.


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Here's a few jewels that wouldn't take much & could put you in the drivers seat...

First one looks pretty legit...


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For some reason the first one didn't link? If really interested: FB marketplace, Imperial Beach CA search Race Rhino and it's the red HCR BITD car...


No flaming from me... I fully support this idea! Running for fun and running to win need to be two different classes to keep this inexpensive. As soon as somebody WANTS TO WIN it will get expensive.

A buddy considered doing something along the lines you propose for the NORRA 1000 a year or two ago. After some thought we came up with a list of No Buenos and the biggest bummer about the vintage Rhino (no mods other than race requirements) was the top speed of around 40 mph. The second bummer was tire sizing. Can you imagine 33" tires on a Rhino 660? Me neither. So you get stuck running small tires and the Rhino becomes a motorgrader for whoever is unlucky enough to be driving behind it. The really slow top speed and small tires would make for a really, really long day 3 at the NORRA 1000.

So let's have some fun and open up the class a little bit to include clutch mods and tweaked ECU's. Now you've fallen down the SxS / NORRA rabbit hole. If you can figure out a way to include "Modified" clutches and ECU's that allow for a top speed in the 55 mph range it would be a lot more fun. As long as everyone in this Vintage SxS class is OK with that they would be able to (sort of) keep pace on the transit sections. This class would have to start WAY at the back assuming the cars were otherwise "stock" in terms of engine, etc. The guy or gal driving the "Stock" 2020 Can-Am X3 has almost 200hp on tap and can easily run 33" tires which is good for around 80 mph across a typical NORRA 1000 desert section. NORRA already has a growing problem with the Stock Turbo UTV vehicles so adding another class might be a real pain in the butt. An example would be somebody that's actually running an honest to goodness "stock" vehicle will give up +10mph to somebody that's running something that looks "stock" but has an almost impossible to detect Stage ??? ECU tune and clutch mods. Again, do you want to have FUN or do you want to WIN? Maybe a claimer rule?