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Crusty Shellback

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Well I am a new kid to this forum as far as registering, but not to Baja racing.

Names Ray and I've been lurking here for a few years just reading.
Got bit by the Baja bug back in 1990 thanks to my Cousin, Tecate Ray, who drug me down to Baja to go riding on an old borrowed Husky dirt bike. Then a few years later, he drug me back down to Baja to help him pit a couple of bikes that were racing the 25th running of the Baja 1000. We were way south at a little town called San Javier, waiting on a couple of bikes ridden by some guys named Ron Bishop and Casey Folks.
I hung out with him and his buddies for several years pitting for Kawasaki with the Baja Fools and learning to love Baja. I also hung out with him and the Los Ancianos riding my Husky all over Baja.
Of course as usual, family happens and I moved on some.

In 2013, My cousin and a few of the Baja Fools talked me into going to Kawasaki's big party and so I went. And of course got bit by the Baja bug again. So they talked me into going south with them once again and help them pit a trophy truck, some guy named Rob Mac. Wife gave me the kitchen pass and I've been going ever since. That and also doing the BITD races.

With age comes a cage and now I've got a '73 K5 Blazer I picked up and have been working on as well as taking her to Baja, BITD and Pismo Dunes. Got a built 350, Deaver springs and King shocks. Sporting 12" F and 18" R of suspension travel. She does good but as all things, is a work in progress.

If you see me or the K5 down in Baja, stop and say hi and have a drink.
The handle Crusty Shellback basically describes me. Retired Navy Chief. Still working for the Navy and riding Navy ships.