Another Newbie


Jul 20, 2009
North Las Vegas, NV
Hello everyone, I finally registered for this site instead of "lurking around." My name is Tony Briley and I live in North Las Vegas, NV. I'm a rockcrawling guy but I got into desert racing with some people I know on a Jeep website. They race in the Jeepspeed class, 1706 Dust Junkies is the team. Everyone except me lives in SoCal so I am not active in the team except for the races. I love helping pit and do what I can. It's a great way to spend a weekend, that's for sure. One of the guys from the team told me about this website and I enjoy looking around. I have a lot to learn about racing and I have found this site to provide a lot of info. I sold off my Jeep rockcrawler so I don't play in the desert much anymore. I do miss it though! Hopefully one day I'll get a lap in the race car, that would be sweet.

I look forward to being involved in this website and look forward to making some new friends.