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Another off-road family member lost


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RIP Billy Wick.


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RIP Billy!

Every once in a while a SCORE truck or Toyota 4 runner would cruise by the house when we were in the garage tinkering and the driver would always honk and we'd waive back?

I was in the garage prepping one Sat AM when a SCORE Yota pulled into the driveway and Billy got out. He said he'd driven by a bunch of times and had seen our cars on the way to visit family down the street and finally had to stop and say hi. Super nice guy and when he figured out we did the toys with Sal/SCORE, he made it a point to stop by whenever he was in town visiting and saw us in the garage to see what was up. When he found out my wife raced; he'd always ask how she did and when she was there, he make a big deal talking to her and would tell her how cool it was that she was a gal racer and really pumped her up. He had a ton of great stories about he and Sal marking courses in Baja and funny incidents with various racers over the years. It was a pleasure spending some time exchanging a few stories about racing and his perspective on the sport. I just realized when reading this, we hadn't seen him in about 4 or so years; the clock seems to moving a little quicker these days...

Another one of the good guys down, our thoughts and prayers to the family.