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another rally video


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SHAUN.............I knew you would be back! I bet you were tuning in the entire time..........

No need to explain. Now try to get along! LOL ;-)

EJR Racing #244


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there is just something cool about compact sedans with very little wheel travel jumping that far and going that fast. nice vid.


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cool vid

A suburban might not be as good as a truck, but it comes damn close with 8 people in it


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Welcome back Shaun. We knew you would be back. A dog always returns to its vomit.

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........ I really have been gone the past few months. RDC is always good to read and is the only "real" source when it comes to off road racing. When you guys touch on Rally though, I just can't help myself! And if there are not any objections, I will post up some cool rally stuff now and then for those who are interested.


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Go here <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.rally.subaru.com/subral/index.html>http://www.rally.subaru.com/subral/index.html</A> and click on "gallery" (upper right side) and you will find 7 video's of the Subaru SCCA rally team......... enjoy.


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If this ( <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.rrunracing.com/Pics/wrc-high.wmv>http://www.rrunracing.com/Pics/wrc-high.wmv</A> ) is the one you guys are talking about, well lets just say thats why I'm into it! That video sums it all up!

...... and hey, no problem!


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Speaking of WRC rally racing, My buddy Ollie Penchansky clued me in on the LIVE coverage starting next Friday from 9-10pm Mountain time. it will be Fri-Sat and Sunday during the weekend of the event. Check Speedvision.com for listings. What a way to get the season under way, the weekend before the off road racing season gets going, we get to watch some AWESOME drivers conquer Monte Carlo.

Racers Only


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Thanks Rory and here are the details……..

WRC @ Monte Carlo on Speedvision. Round one of fourteen of the WRC 2002 season series.

Thursday Jan. 17 8pm – 8:30pm

Friday Jan. 18 8pm – 9pm

Saturday Jan. 19 8pm – 9pm

Sunday Jan. 20 8pm – 9pm

Monday Jan. 21 8pm – 9pm

Keep in mind that these are not re-broadcast, they are all individual shows, the same format that they view in Europe. Kinda they way we would watch the World Series. All the times posted are pacific standard too. Set your VCR’s!

Curtis Guise

What's up with Toyota? I haven't been able to follow WRC because I don't get Speedvision, but I saw a couple of the races they showed on New Years and no Toyota in there. The last couple of years they have been running the AWD Corolla, right? And the Celica All-Trac before that.



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Curtis, Toyota's "official" involvement in WRC is the same as their desert racing involvement...0.00. They were a participating manufacture a few years ago, but they pulled out. If you watch/listen between the lines, you'll see/hear the odd Toyota in the top 12.

However, here's something that may interest you:
Didier Auriol will be driving a special Step2 Corolla with large technical backing from TTE (Toyota Team Europe), and TRD. So the car will be quite the contender, provided Didier can keep up with the pace at Monte. Step2 is a subsidiary team of Grifone, and was created as a way to use the still perfectly good Corolla WRcars that where left over when Grifone switched to the 206 WRcar.