Another use for a nail gun.....


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So when are they going to TAX the ammo for these things:cool:

JD Durfey

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I have a tip for you concerning the older nail guns that are not "cordless" If your source of compressed air breaks down or runs out of gas, DO NOT connect the gun to an oxygen tank used for a cutting torch. I know a guy that did that and the nail gun exploded a little later and blew off his right testicle! Ouch!!

That sucks about the guy in Austrailia, that would be a terrible way to die.

randy s

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it took my friend danny edson prolly twenty years to learn how to put a 16 penny sinker thru his kneecap walking with his senco .

hammer down racing

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We've had guys pulling on the hose with the trigger pulled (wtf were they thinking) and the hose comes loose and a nail ends up buried in thier thigh. Nail pullers work on legs too.:D


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I had the very same guy nail his boot to the floor nailing down sheathing, and nail his glove climbing a ladder with his finder on the trigger. Both times he missed his body.

I've also had an idiot throw a "used-up" Paslode gas container in a burn barrel. It was a good thing the barrel was over a hundred feet from the 24,000sf home we were working on.......I may have 2mil in liability, but by this point the home was deep into the finish stage, and that one would have put me right out of business.

It blew wood embers right up to the house!, and I booted him right back to the Bronx where he belonged.