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Yo, everyone calls me Mello, I'm 27 live out in Vegas, enjoy fabrication and building custom stuff, love cars of all kinds, racing, building cars, wrenching.. Dope forum you have here, some excellent builds and lots of custom work to drool over. Just wanted to make an account to bookmark stuff and access the rest of the site, send PM, whatever.
^ Me on the right.. Helping my friend Tommy Suell build his spare formula-D car.

- How you got into desert racing.
Well... I used to work in North Las Vegas and across the street was the shop/garage for RTR Racing. Met Chris who was the fabricator at the time for their TT, we started hanging out and went to some of their race... I thought the trucks seemed pretty legit, nice fabrication on everything, new ideas and it just seems like something I should be into here in Vegas! Nothing wrong with hauling ass down a dirt road!! Always been a fan of WRC/rally so dezert racing fits right in..

- How you have found this website.
Google. Was always impressed with the effort and custom fabrication going into the TT builds... Started building up my garage/shop just to work on my own cars, help friends out, etc.. And want to learn more fabrication tricks and techniques. Picked up a MIG welder a month or two ago been researching projects, techniques, etc and knew I'd find lots of good info here. Also I don't think anyone loves dimple dies and heim joints more than dezert ppl?? LOL

- What vehicle you play with.
No dezert vehicles yet! Been thinking of picking up a project to mess around with but don't really have the space right now... I have some cars, 92 nissan 240sx, 97 nissan 240sx and 2000 lexus ls400. One 240 is caged, lsd, suspension, motor swap, fun for the track. The other 240 is just a backup or something for the street. The Lexus is bagged, decent to roll around in..

Everyone loves pictures (no IMG tag allowed??)

^ My 97 s14. Nothing done to it really... Some coilovers, spare wheels, 4.36 with 2way LSD. Something to smash around in on the streets, backup track car..

^ My 92 s13. Cage/2 way lsd/coilovers/heim'd out/brakes/motor swap. I take it drifting, it's pretty fun.

^ s13 power plant.. 2.0l inline 6 turbo motor.. RB20DET, t3t04e turbo, HKS manifold/wg, flywheel, clutch, yadda..

^ My 00 ls400. Bags, wheels, exhaust, body kit, etc.. The only way to roll around town vegas nights.

- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
I want to pick up a project truck at some point. I used to have a 88 ranger back in the day but I'd like to move on to a 150 platform. Know quite a bit about ford engine/parts in general probably go that same route... Plus need a way to haul other toys to track/shop, pick up welding tanks, equipment, jajaja.. Mainly here to read the shop/fabrication forum, check out builds, get some ideas and ask a few questions...

- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.
I work for a real estate business, I'm project manager for our in house software system.. Before this I came from the adult industry for a while, did a few video streaming systems for some studios... Prior to that worked for an industrial/welding/fab tool sales company that I developed sales software for.. Been around different industries, in the end it's all the same just a means to pay for your hobbies/addictions right!

Thanks for having me