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Retired American chef Rick and his Mexican wife Maria operate a dog rehab and adoption place at their home just south of Shipwreck/San Jacinto on the Pacific coast, on this year's Baja 500 race course. Rick and Maria take in abandoned, homeless, malnutritioned dogs and give them a new life. They feed, care, vaccinate, and otherwise bring these dogs to a very healthy standard. Then offer them for adoption free, with papers and vet certifications. All at their personal expense.
Rick and Maria are asking for voluntary donations of dog food and any staples to support 55 dogs at their home, located at Race Mile 384 on the Baja 500 race course just north of Camalu. Have your prerunners or chase vehicles drop by and donate anything to help Baja Animal Outreach. Bags of dog food are the biggest "need" items - if you have room in one of your rigs, please consider dropping off a donation in the coming weeks. And maybe.....take home an adopted canine.
Their FB page and other contact info is at
Baja Animal Outreach
Home is easily accessed at Hwy 1/KM 150, head west to coast. At beach road/race course, their home is just to the left.
Thanks in advance!


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One of our guys picked up a "Baja Retriever" pup at the dump during one of our trips. Says it's the best damn dog he's ever had.


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Any stores nearby that are known to stock dog food? Not humping purina 1,500 mi. in 100 degree heat.


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Super Walmart?

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you can buy in Walmart Ensenada or any pet/feed/vet store in any of the towns nearby, If I go that way I will bring a bag.