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Any Colorado (Denver area) based teams looking for volunteer help?


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I've been working with a team that runs TT and short course but due to the owner's personal commitments we haven't been racing much lately. I'd love to help out with your desert, short course or KOH effort. Volunteer of course. I have mechanical and fabrication experience and a good driving record. Reliable non-drug/drinker and love being abused by spending long hours laying on cold shop floors and sleeping in the back of cargo vans in the desert ;) Industry references available. If you're interested let's get together and discuss it. I'll buy you a coffee and we can talk.

McCredie A

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This guy I willing to buy you coffee to see if you want him to help you for free! Someone is goin to get a great addition to their team! Best of luck on your search, although I doubt you will need it.


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Give us a msg. We are based in denver and run a lot of the BITD races and the Baja 1000.

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J Burleson

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DM and I can put you in contact with Jim Butler, who preps the 12 car in Buena Vista. Super nice guy!