Any Diabetics who race?


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We have a team member who will go with us to the Baja 500 and is insulin dependent. Do you know what to expect in crossing the border with supplies? Do you need to declare needles etc?

I'm also diabetic but only on pills.


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We have a Type 1 on our team and here is what she said:

"No, whenever I have traveled, I have not had to declare the needles, as long as they are kept in the original bag from the supplier of the needles.

As long as I keep all my medical supplies together, and I have a copy of my prescriptions from my Dr. on office letterhead (you can have the Dr/s office make you a copy), there should be no clearance issue."

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My dad is a diabetic and he takes both pills and insullin and he
didnt have any problems

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As long as your med is labeled from the pharmacy you got it from you have 0 to fear. You dont need to have a copy of the prescription, all the info is on the RX label your medication came with when you pick it up, including insulin. Enjoy and do everything you normally do


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I am insulin dependent, have been for 26 years now. I have had some hassles in Mexico but nothing to serious but did have an incedent that changed the way I do things.

In 2004 down there for a surf trip we got pulled over and the car was searched. I carry my insulin, tester, needles and everything in a travel bag that is always in my back pack. Well before he found that we found the cap, the bottom cap for the plunger of a needle on the floor of my car. He knew what it was, cuffed us all and sat us aside while they tore through the car. None of us could speak enough Spanish to explain what was up. They got to my bag, found my travel pack and realized what was up. By then an english speaking officer was there and told me to do a few things in the future.

1) Carry a medical trash bag for everything and make sure it all ends up in there and then keep this bag in a place where it can be seen eaaily when your stopped.
2) Wear a diabetic ID (Braclet, necklace) of some sort.
3) Only take down the needed supplies, do not carry to many needles, etc.

Since then I have never had an issue and have been pulled over a few times and searched. No biggie.

Also as an FYI for your guy - There is something in all the diet soda in Mexico that will raise your blood sugar a bit. If he drinks diet soda tell him to pack it down there.


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Thanks for the info. That is want I was wondering about if you are searched. What is the medical trash can? Is that those like plastic containers you see in Dr offices?

That's interesting about diet soda. I only drink them when I'm traveling, I haven't noticed them raise my blood sugar. I'll have to watch that.

I have typed up a list of all medicines I take and have it in my purse, but haven't got a bracelet yet.

Thanks again

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I am Type 1. Traveled the pennisula numerous times. Have had the police and federales search my little black bag numerous times and not one has ever said anything.