Any info on Todd Denton???


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I just got off the phone with Kurt Holm, crew chief and co-rider for Todd Denton, who was riding in the car during the collision.

He happily reports that Todd is improving with every day.

Todd has suffered a minor concussion, brain swelling, three broken ribs (in various locations) and a bruised lung. By far the most serious of his injuries has been two severed tendon's in his neck (that attached at the base of the skull). For those not familiar, this is the same type of injury that proved fatal for Dale Earnhardt.

Althought heavily sedated, Todd has been communicating with his brother by "hand-squeeze" responses. He requests "meds" and is aware of his surroundings.

Kurt is well and out of the hospital, although in need of much physical therapy for his neck pain and stiffness.

While this is GREAT news overall, the entire Clients Racing team could use all the prayers and well wishes everyone has to offer. So please post your words of encouragement, prayers and well wishes, and I'll make sure they are forwarded to the team.

Kurt and everyone at Clients Racing thanks the entire desert racing community for their prayers and well wishes thus far.

NOTE: That's Todd (right) and Kurt (left) being fitted for the car at Jimco on May 5.



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The entire crew wishes for a speedy recovery for both Todd and Kurt. You'll be back out there in no time at all. What hurts you will only make you stronger.



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N2S Racing and Motion Tire would like to wish them a speed recovey.

Were they wearing a neck roll. just want to know. As I have heard that they will help.



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Thanks for making the effort to check on him today, I am glad he is improving. I have never met Todd or Kurt, but it does not matter, it could happen to any of us, as far as I am concerned they are family. That is one thing I love about our sport, when I am away from my family, I have another one that always is there to take care of me.

The whole MD racing team would like to extend our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery to Todd and Kurt. If there is anything we can do Tony, let me know.